3 Signs You Should Leave a Man

      hello this is burn welcome to your great life to become today it's another edition of capital of you crave and I am super excited to be sharing with you three clear yet somewhat on misunderstood signals or signs that you should end a relationship with a guy you're with and move on the first one has absolutely nothing to do with a man everything to do with you and that is when you're not emotionally ready or able to be in a relationship then you should not be with this guy no matter how great he is right now here's why okay there's two specific ways there's many signs that you're not emotionally available don't focus on two for the time purposes today one of them is when you feel consistently less them when you feel a lack of worth when you feel a lack of confidence when you feel like you're not good enough for this guy not because he's better than you but just that's the way you feel that's a clear sign that you shouldn't be in this relationship here's why because two things will happen you're gonna put on necessary pressure on the man to validate things in you that he can never validate because you can they can only come from within he's gonna do it again and again it's gonna be like a drug the more he does it the more you need for him to do it and then it's never enough and he's eventually gonna get tired of it and he's going to be really really pissed off about situation but more than that loose connection with you is that that's part of what what what happens but also because if you're thinking right now that by being with someone you're going to get to feel more confident being with someone is going to shine a light on every insecurity you have so I'm not saying you should never have insecurities in me with someone but if you have a strong sense of lack of Worth you're going to feel out of control and you're going to create a very painful situation for the guy and for you as well that's going to not heighten but lower your since the fourth even further where you're digging yourself more into a home so that's one one reason why you would not be emotional available one sign that you're not motional available the other one is when you're emotionally codependent and a clear sign for you to know that you're codependent is when you cannot live without this person when you feel like should this man and the relationship I would die oh my god if he stops calling me one day I get crazy in a sense of insight feeling like there's there's no consoling no consolation for me if this guy goes away III get that you love this man but if you feel like you cannot live without him and there's something so visceral that happens every time that he does something that that in this relationship you get so scared about it then that tells you that you're you haven't codependent issues with this guy and can you work the codependent issues yes but it's much better to be on your own for a while where you can deal with what's really going on and get there faster than dragging someone the middle of this drama so those are two ways two sides that would show me that you need to step away from the relationship for a while it's not even permanently but for a while before you can work on yourself and get where you need to be so you create an amazing relationship versus a relationship okay second one is when a man second sign that you should end the relationship and move away from this man it's when a man is consistently unable or unwilling to see appreciate enjoy and love the real you the key word here is consistently all men and all women have the capacity to every now and then do this thing where they can't see the real you but if the man consistently can't see the real you meaning he doesn't enjoy when you're really yourself when you express your true opinion about things and your true voice or your true nature of being whether that's being reserved he doesn't like that or that's expressive and he doesn't like that when you're being you if he's not enjoying it it is consistently putting you down if he's consistently trying to control and change the way you are to feel more comfortable himself or to feel like you fit into his idea of the ideal woman then you need and and you've address this cuz I mean you've dressed this a few times for you you express that you are this way he can't see that you need to move on you can spend an entire life going to therapy and trying to show the guy that you are the way you are but if you can't see that you're always going to feel less than and you're going to be in situation that creates incredible pain for him and for you so it's typing one third one is when the man and here's the thing I say sure this third one some of you might say oh my god this is so clear and evident it's not really under the radar that's what you say when you're not in the relationship but I've connected with so many women who never felt they would be in this kind of relationship and when they find themselves in one they can't break free so that's an emotionally or physically abusive relationship so what does that mean that means a guy who gets high emotionally or who gets hard emotionally from seeing you suffer where he has one up on you and he feels a sense of accomplishment instead of compassion when the guy is not able to feel your pain and not only that but gets to the point where he kind of enjoys it when you're down when something happens when he basically he's the kind of like I told you so type of guy that is consistently trying to make you feel like you're not good enough that's a guy that you should not be with the other type of guy that you should never be with it's a guy who's physically abusive and physically abusive is not just a man who hits you physically abusive is a guy who threatens to hiji or threaten to use force here's why because the only difference between a guy who physically uses his force with you and one who threatens to use it the only difference is time for real wait a little bit longer he'll do it so if you catch yourself in the situation especially if you feel like oh my god but he's you try if you try to if if you saw because here's a litmus test for you if you saw this in someone else and you'd say oh my god this woman is being abused but inside the relationship you're putting yourself 25 excuses you're giving him excuses and why he really is kind of justified for being this way or he wanted enough pain in childhood therefore he deserves to be this way with you if you catch yourself eating him excuses why he is this way then that's another sign that you're feeling some codependents like I explained a little bit before and that you should end this because a guy who gets happy when here down or a guy who threatens to use his force against you it's a guy who needs to get some real professional help before you begin any relationship of course a relationship with you as well so I hope you find this helpful insightful useful not my usual happy post 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