7 Signs He's Wrong For You

      hello this is burn and on today's episode i'm going to share with you seven subtle signs that the man you're with or are interested in may not be a good fit for you so stick with me  hello this is byron welcome to another edition  a space where i share with ambitious conscious heart centered and successful women how you can attract the kind of man and relationship you want into your life as a direct result of stepping into the most alive most feminine version of you now if you have found yourself questioning whether a guy you're with is the best fit for you because on the outside things seem to be okay or on paper it feels great but in your daily experience of him something feels off and you haven't been able to pinpoint what it is that makes this feel off that's what this video is about i'm not going to be sharing with you purposefully blatantly obvious sign like he's abusive or a narcissist or he he's disrespectful consistently or he's cheating on you those are maybe topics for another video right now i'm gonna be sharing subtle signs that not every woman who's in the middle of this experience recognizes as maybe a red flag but if you're conscious and aware of what's going on you might find that one or two or three or four of this make the biggest difference in your ability to understand why your relationship's not working and give you at least more courage to do something different the first one is when he has a different vision than you do for life or he has no vision at all that's another one right but imagine that he wants to go to a specific destination and you want to go to a different destination which means maybe you want a deeply fulfilling relationship that ends in marriage and children and he wants to lay low for right now and have a companion but not really interested in commitment much less marriage mark less children that would be an example of a different vision than yours or maybe your entire life is family and his entire life is work so if he wants to go all in into his thing he's going to be working 12 hours a day and you're going to be feeling alone because you have no partner to be with you in moments that are in your experience family sharing and he is the biggest part of your family if he becomes your guy right so that would be one second one is in tune with the first one but slightly different which is he's in a different life stage than you are so the first one is he doesn't even want to go there the second one is he may want to go there but he might want to go there in five years and your biological clock is saying now so let me give you a breakdown how this could work imagine that you're 35 years of age and he's 35 years of age and imagine that in your biological clock time is starting to run out for you to biologically in an organic way have children and he let's say he has an extra 30 40 50 years to have children should he choose to is it unfair it feels unfair but it's how life works so you have to get your stuff together your life in order your experience of what you want earlier than he does in order to be able to accomplish the same type of family life for example so if you're in a moment in your life where your biggest priority is creating a family and getting married and his biggest priority right now is to figure out what he wants to do with his life that would be a guy that maybe wants marriage but maybe once marriage in five years and you went merging one maybe he wins family in eight years and you want family in two or three that would be a mismatch that can create significant pain points worthy of stepping out of that relationship number three he lacks ambition and service both because here's the thing being congruent and being compassionate with men in the world imagine that a guy has a lot of ambition and he wants to use his ambition to serve the world and to serve you and to serve his family well that's a cool experience of ambition imagine that the guy has low ambition but really wants to service you meaning add value to your life add value to the world well one or the other one could do it depending upon your preferences and your soul but if a guy likes both he lacks ambition and he likes the capacity to serve others then that's a guy who's either self-serving or what many human beings call a loser a guy who's not adding value to himself or to others maybe playing video games all day maybe not interested in anything other than the day-to-day experience of his life and that would be a very painful experience for you especially if you as someone who's watching these videos has ambition and drive and hunger and wants to do something to make the world a better place number four a guy who cannot lead but can also not be led right because if you have a guy who can be a leader and stake his claim in the ground of war he what he wants where he wants to go where he wants both of you to go and you resonate with that you can both go to the same destination if he's a guy who says i don't know where i want to go but when you put your claim in the sand and say well let me take you to this destination because i think we can go there together but he says no no i don't know where i want to go but i don't want you to lead me i want to lead both of us into nothingness that's a guy who doesn't have an idea what he wants he's not solid in his career he's not selling his ambitions he's not solid in his mission in line not passionate enough or not hungry enough or not kind enough to allow himself to be led number five lack self-awareness what does that mean that means a guy who enters a room and maybe cracks a disrespectful joke and he feels good about it even though everyone was cringing inside or maybe he has a conversation with you where he's talking about how disrespectful you are without recognizing that the way he's sharing it the way he comes across the way he walks the way he treats servers the way he treats employees the way is disrespectful so here you have a disrespectful guy who's unaware of his own shitness in life and is trying to put things on you without recognizing he's part of the problem right that would be a lack of self-awareness in a man that if it's we all have areas of blind spots we all are we all lack self-awareness at different places in our life but when he's mostly self-aware about who he is in bed right who he is in communication who he is in kindness and compassion with others that makes it incredibly challenging because for you to be with a man like that you have to become a mummy type or a therapist type number six lacks humility and refuses to get help so here's a guy who clearly is in a position in his life where he needs to make some changes now he also recognizes that he has maybe 40 plus years of experience in life not getting what he wants through his current methods his own two hands so rather than saying okay i want to get to this destination i don't have the tools or the skills to get there i'm going to ask for help whether it's therapy coaching mentorship uh group something or other he says i'm gonna continue doing it on my own i'm just gonna push harder when you push hard but you don't have the tools then you're not gonna get anywhere but that would be an example that would be worth considering a guy who needs to change and cannot conceal the idea that someone who has figured this out can actually help him to get there and refuses to get help but drags you with him because he not getting help means you are effective every single day of your relationship with him number seven a man who isn't interested in going deep i'm going to take a wild assumption right now and put you in the category if you're watching my videos versus how to text the guy the three five of those clues to render him uh in love with you which is not something that i would ever share right if you're watching my videos my guess is that you are someone who's interested in depth if you connect with a guy if that's true when you connect with a guy who's not interested in going deep he's not curious he's not hungry he's not intellectually stimulating he's not asking deep questions he's not asking deep questions of you of himself when you ask the questions he gets confused he gets angry he thinks oh my god you're it's too much work to think that's a relationship that is doomed for failure so there you have it seven signs that a guy might be the wrong fit for you i'm not here to tell you if the guy has one or two he he can't change and you're doomed i'm just here to say that if you find yourself in a situation where a few of this are true for you you might really want to put some attention into are you trying to get a result with someone who has the opposite of what you're seeking would you not be better off ending this and connecting with someone who's more aligned with what you want if you find this is helpful useful in some way i'm gonna ask you to do one thing on the first link on the 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and as always i challenge you to live a full and conscious life