Dating as a Spiritual Practice

    hello  i share with ambitious conscious heart-centered high-performing women how you can create the kind of relationship you want and attract the quality man that you long for as a direct result of stepping into the most alive and the most feminine version of you now i get it if you're on the same boat that many of the women who first reach out to me are where you're feeling like you've had it with apps you've had it with connecting with guys you've had it with people who ghost you you've had people who lied to you you've had it with men who show up but then stop showing up i i get how frustrating that might be and to a certain extent you might be viewing dating as the painful process through which you'll eventually find your soulmate and not there's anything wrong with that today i'm going to invite you to a higher level meaning of what dating can be because what if dating instead of being the sad process through which you can catch a husband becomes a spiritual training ground through which you can become the most passionate self the most grounded self the most expressive self that you've ever been so think about it i'm gonna express to you a couple of tenets i think that are very important if you want to step into dating not as something you have to do but as a spiritual practice the first one is the concept of knowing that who you become through the process of dating is greater even than what you get yes if you do dating consciously you'll end up getting a soul mate but getting a soul mate is different from becoming the woman who gets the soulmate do you catch that small difference one is you're able to get it no matter what happens and you might be conscious or unconscious in the process if you treat becoming a woman of even more value of stronger need expressiveness of more self-love through dating then what you end up getting at the end is a relationship that will be self-sustaining at a greater level than if you don't do it that way second one is that most human beings you and i included will rise to the level that life asks of us what does that mean well you see an example of maybe a mom who never knew how strong she was until she found herself in an accident and single-handedly moves a car out of desperation but also need you'll find the example of a human being who found all the challenges against him or her and only when things got really bad that he or she find the strength and the providence and the courage to change life in a massive way so if you understand that you will grow more as a human being as a woman through stepping into this process of dating you'll have to step into qualities of yourself you'll have to hone in skills that you would have never have to grow into have you just been given what you wanted without working for it then you understand that that process is valuable in and of itself now imagine that you're someone who likes to meditate and imagine that you're someone who's able to find inner peace at the top of a mountain meditating watching a sunrise or watching a sunset with bursts chirping around you with a wind blowing your face well that is a specific level of challenge it's not easy to pull off but it's doable now imagine finding the same level of peace in a busy intersection in a big city like new york now that's a lot more challenging why because there's gonna be more distractions and if you can manage to be zen and at peace in the midst of an intersection you will have mastered yourself and become more emotionally fit than if you can only do it in the middle of a mountain it's not different than dating if you can date consciously you can be a better partner through the process so i'm gonna share with you a few of the benefits spiritual benefits of treating dating as a spiritual practice the first one is you can find and step into your worth that's a spiritual practice in and of itself why because when you date you'll have to recognize the value that you bring to the table your beauty your curves your joy your passion to be able to bring it to the forefront and know that you deserve better than you have had before if you're willing to do the work if you're willing to ask for what you want right which is the next step the second benefit you'll get if you treat dating as a spiritual practice is you'll learn to express your needs in a much powerful way expressing your needs includes by definition that you have to understand your own needs if you don't understand them you can't express them so dating will force you to ask yourself a philosophical question what do i value most what do i want out of this relationship what do i want from a man what do i want to bring to the table so that's expressing your needs and then sharing what you need to that man sharing your needs steps into benefit number three which is you will learn how to set healthier boundaries without feeling guilty because for so many of you part of the reason why you haven't had what you want or why you've stayed in relationships that are painful for longer than you need to is because you have failed in that moment to set strong boundaries in a healthy way and sometimes we don't sell set boundaries because we feel going to hurt the other person but we can set boundaries with compassion and clarity we can set boundaries with kindness and firmness those two things are not mutually exclusive third fourth benefit spiritual benefit of dating will be you can be witnessed it may have been a while before someone sees the truth of who you are your greatness and your imperfections your joy and your vulnerability and through conscious dating you can be witnessed and experienced by someone who would not have had a chance to connect with you and see you and reflect back great things about you if you have stayed watching netflix in your home drinking glass of wine the fifth benefit is you will be not just witness but known you'll be known somebody will understand your intricacies and your and your quirkiness and your just random thoughts and your thoughtful thoughts all of the things that you are the more you express yourself especially to a conscious person the more you can be not just witness but known and being known being experienced being seen is are some of the most powerful experiences you can have in this lifetime as a matter of fact if you think about someone who's reaching the end of their life part of the meaning of life part of what you take with you part of what determines and defines how incredible or how shitty your life was is how much you were able to experience human beings and be experienced by human beings next one seems an obvious one but it's not so obvious which is you'll eventually get to be loved by the right person being loved i don't know that there's something more spiritual to be experienced than to be loved because that's where you get a chance to recognize that there's a spark of divinity in you that's worth being loved and taken care of and cherished and praised and adored and that experience is transformational when you experience deep love from someone you walk differently you talk differently you can perform differently at work you have better ideas you have more fuel in your tank to be kind and compassionate to others so being loved is one of the biggest spiritual gifts of dating consciously eventually when you find the right partner the last one is to love the spiritual benefit of going through this transformation and love doesn't just mean loving a man that's going to be incredible for you to be able to express yourself that way to one human being but love as seen a verb the birth of love loving yourself every step of the way the love of seeing your imperfections and loving where you are no matter how much you you're fumbling the the love of witnessing your courage as you shake but still are able to take action give that first kiss hold hands all of this can make you a human being that's more conscious more giving more selfless more high value and who can bring more of you into the world because ultimately my firm belief and my observation helping having helped so many women around the world to find the type of partner they've been seeking for many years is that when you get together with the right person it's like one plus one equals a hundred does not equal two there's so much more that you and that human being create a third entity called a relationship and the relationship can feed into the world can be the best of both of you and leave seeds that make you both transcend and leave the world a better place which is part of what we need right now in this day and time so hope you find this helpful insightful and useful if you do i'm gonna ask you to do one thing on the first link in the description of this video if you want to learn more about how you can inspire the level of commitment you want with the right man i've created a class that all you have to do is click on the first link enter 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