How To Drive a Man Wild

   Hello this is Burt welcome to Berlin as that kind of space right sure with ambitious conscious heart centered and successful women how you can attract the kind of man and relationship you want not as a result of manipulating or throwing in some gimmicks but uh I said wait if you showing up and stepping into the most alive most ardent version of you now the topic for today is dear to my heart because it's part of what can allow you to sustain a relationship for decades going more into dollar ship than just virtual rulings so because the stuff I'm not sure with you right now it's not the basic stuff that the majority of those nasty publications let's call it the Cosmo magazines of the world show up with that's their bread and butter how is selling the magic trick the magic sexual move the magic something is hidden secret aphrodisiac food or combination of all those things that renders him senseless an idiotic at your feet which is driving him wild that's there's a lot of angles around how to run that while and the majority of them are centered into little techniques and tricks that might do the short term short circuit but will never work long term to create a sustainable sense of passion and along in an intimacy that you crave because the stuff that I'm sharing with it right now is behind the screen so why the little techniques work is the depth that ground a space with from which the little tips and tricks might work sometimes it's very important for you to know that you need to choose wisely and here's what I mean if you create a strong sense of chemistry passion excitement aliveness like the vibration of munis and surprise and rapture with a man and you choose a row man there's going to be a lot of attachment 

that takes place on any level of intimacy that if you get attached to the wrong guy he gets attached to you you and he's the wrong guy for you and you just drove him wild good luck getting out of that one all right if you lose yourself with a wrong dude by a virtue of doing what you need to do to make me fall head-over-heels crazy in Bob and lost with you then you've just lost a big deal so before I even start sharing the little things that you need to be very aware that you should not do this things with someone who you determined to be wrong fit for you or in the process of doing this you know there's something that's gonna make this explosively painful for both of you that's the time to stop first thing I'll share with you self-expression at your edge here's what I mean every human being every man and every woman has a limit to what he or she feels comfortable expressing so you might see I don't know a fake movie where someone is the incredibly expressive but relative to their potential it's really nothing so maybe relative to you it would seem too much but relative to their capacity it's not really they're not even hitting the roof of what's possible and some people confuse that level of expressiveness well that's sexy and that's something that would drive around a while here's what in essence drives a man a while in terms of what you can express the notion that you're expressing something that goes beyond your comfort zone beyond your edge you're at that age where you're shaking a little bit you're excited you're scared you're you're doing more than you can but not and not quantity that makes you feel completely out of whack more than you feel comfortable with men perceive that edge men perceive that fine balance between like yeah you may not be more expressive than the person behind you but relative to what you can express it's palpable that you can be on that edge and that's incredibly enticing that taps into immense capacity for hunger to want to see more and also he's his notion that some of what he's offering you is allowing you to go past your edge that's incredibly exciting in terms of turning on man second thing that you can focus on right now which is point number three the first one being you need to be aware of will you do this with so point number three I guess is focus on range and here's what I mean by range you can create a lot of connection with someone through being a specific energy they're being very compassionate or very sexual or very intelligent where the twist of an edge of confidence and a lure of mysticism but a true mark that can help you with what you really want to do is create a strong visceral emotional passionate sexual lover ship all with a man is to be able to play on that edge because you maybe you feel most comfortable being super serious and Brainiac and and the range for you means if you can be serious and Brainiac but also be very playful at times that's a mindfuck because that's not something he's expecting from you is expecting for you to stay in your lane and here you are being able to go in this separate direction right or maybe your edges you're always playful and smiley and dancing and one day you go all and into your depth and talk about things that he's never heard to talk about that's range you're expanding your range and expanding a range creates visceral feelings in human feelings of desire feelings of excitement feelings of hunger feelings of exploration so again play with the edge of the you are most comfortable being most of the time and some part of you that may be on tap frequently that AC they're more playful more expressive more thoughtful more yearning or feeling more relaxed and laid-back something that's the opposite of the commonality of your character not because you're playing a game up because you want to open your range a big but his boundaries boundaries are important in the process of driving a man wild because having a game like chess where you can move any piece in whichever direction there's no real rules just the first one who tackles the Queen Wayne's it's not an exciting game any idiot can win that game doesn't require intelligence or depth but requires maybe speed maybe deceit to make sure that the person has to move anything before you actually take away the Queen and throw on the back or something because there's no rules but if there's rules in a chess game it's far more compelling and interesting right the rules in the chase game make it so that not any idiot can win there's strategy involved there's thoughtfulness there's intuition there's all these different parts after we played that create a more fulfilling experience and make the win that much more impressive in the same vein when you have boundaries yes you have expressiveness and openness but you have boundaries she needs to be able to play within those boundaries which are constrains that allow him to thrive right he's going to not because you're playing a game with him and playing hard to catch but because you shouldn't be easy to catch if you're getting to know someone and because you it's gonna take time and energy and effort for you to open up more and more to him the natural process of that is going to create emotional connection it's going to create investment of human you it's going to create this outer world that's real meaning not just any idiot can get you it takes a special man with a special energy special commitment to actually unlock the gates to your heart all those little new things that take place when you have boundaries do not take place if you don't if you don't doesn't matter you can at any time there's no rules there's no no expectations of any sort then what most commonly happens in that situation like that is it's not valid you're not valued your body is not valued your intensity is not valued because didn't take much to actually pull it off and pretty much any guy who comes around who throws a couple of sweet words that you could do the same thing so that's important for you to understand that you need to have clear boundaries for the man who's pursuing you next one is presence presence is that quality of you being able to come back from everywhere you are your parents plays that you were thinking about last night and your work challenges and your friend who's basically having a baby shower why should pregnant or not all those little things that happen in your life that some of our exciting some of them are sad some of our fearful and side producing able to throw all of them for a second and focus on the connection focus on being present focus on experiencing him of creating that sacred space within yourself where he can be seen and felt that creates that same level of driving him while in a way that sex toys and potential text messages that this secret love expert told you how to write will not because it's the real deal the next thing if you're practicing presence becomes a specificity of application of those of those of that presses into the way you know him because you've been paying attention if impress and you're not in your mind you're in your heart you'll hear a live president actually you get to witness and see so much more of them that you can turn back into your relationship that you can now use to serve him if you want to sir you can use now to serve himself and used to serve you because you understand where he's coming from what he wants his dreams aspirations he's that blueprint for an exciting life you understand all those things and you're able to a communicate to him that you understand him that you see him that you feel him that you might be on board for his dreams you might even be able to co-create a few of those with him because you now understand what he was because you've been paying attention you haven't been worried about something else when you're with him you've been noticing you're able to feel him now you're able to express to him who he is to you and express maybe even areas of thoughts about himself that maybe no one else knows maybe he doesn't even know as deeply as you're starting to get to know right now because you're paying attention the last one is confirmation of truth confirmation of truth means that you're able to reflect back to him in a way that might validate him but that's not the goal is about taking the fall is being grateful the way he shows up you're able to pinpoint the things that he does where he goes above and beyond the call of duty or he did something sweet that he didn't have to do where he held her hand for an extra two seconds he knew you needed it where he thought knew that you were having an exam of some sort or maybe you were I don't know when you're PhD or masters and he was able to send you a message of encouragement before you went into the exam knowing that he's thinking of you and sending good vibes maybe he had a shitty day at work and you're not expecting him but he brings you dinner and drops it off because he knows that you're too tired to cook all those little things that you're able to say dude I see you I appreciate you acknowledge you thank you I'm grateful because of thanks for showing up this way thanks for holding my hand an extra two seconds thanks for being press and thanks for telling me the truth thanks for making me feel so special thank you for helping me feel safe all the things that you might keep to yourself in an attempt to prevent yourself from being vulnerable that you are able to express to him in a way that it's not fake you're not conspiring to manipulating by talking true about himself who tell you what's true that previously you have kept yourself so he gets a chance to understand clearly what he means to you what he represents the valley who asks for your life and the kind of man that he's when he's around you that my friend is how you can drive mine wild forget about the crazy magazines forget about the stupid techniques forget about this new sexual position this is how he's just let's think those are not important I'm not saying your sex life is not great this is the basis of the foundation through which you can create a life of continues devotion from him to you and admiration from him to you and hard explosive him to you hope this is helpful useful and in cycling if it is I'm gonna ask you do one thing on the first link on the description of this video you can find a link when you click on that link to enter your name and email it will take you to a class that I recorded for you that will show you in a more step-by-step way how you can attract and step into the kind of relationship you've been seeking that may have been alluded so all you do is click on the first angle description and enter name an email you'll be taking to that master class right away if you like this video please click like or thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so you can be notified on new episodes as they come out thank you so much for 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