How To Own His Heart

    hello this is burne welcome to womenio calm space where I share with ambitious conscious heart centered and successful women how you can attract the quality men you want and stepping the most amazing relationship of your life goes far by being the light by being the real you and expressing yourself more fully than before now the topic for today is how to own a man's heart and the definition I have for this isn't owning a man isn't having magical powers over him isn't him deferring to you for every one of your needs without putting his needs into the picture what I'm sharing with you in in terms of owning his heart is creating that devotion inspiring that devotion that connection that passion that intimacy where he wants you to be his number one you he wants you to experience him the totality of him in a way that no one else and he wants to experience you in intimacy in a way we're both of these sure specific things in that relationship that are sacred unique to both of you now before I go forward let me just share with you that have five steps I'll share with you today are part of that 10 percent of things you can do that create 90 percent of the results it's not something easy to pull out necessarily but it's something simple now the thing the idea the concept behind what I'm sharing with you right now is what is gonna allow him to be yours is to get to know him witness him accept him embrace him and inspire real freedom in him real freedom in him means the ability that the freedom that takes place when you are fully seen experienced and witnessed when you can create that level of friendship that goes beyond what words can share the first step is gonna be to see your own heart and to own your needs what does this mean this means that for you to be able to know someone witness someone accept someone see someone you have to be able to see yourself first and you need to understand what your needs are why is it important to understand your needs specifically because if you don't understand your needs the likelihood that you tend to have a man on a man's heart right who's not the right guy for you is really high but if you understand your needs you can start this qualifying in your heart in your space guys who are going to a different end destination of the one you're going to second step is to open your heart more to invite him in it's a gradual opening here I'm not asking you to go from 0 to 100 miles an hour in 2.5 seconds I'm asking you to once you recognize that there's a potential in someone that you open your heart you open your energy that you open your mind that you invite him into your space now if he is interested in moving forward you can continue opening if it's not interesting moving forward you move on third step that I recommend is to do what I call progressive vulnerability once your invite him in once he's interested in pursuing you once he's taking those steps that you start sharing more about yourself so he can start sharing more about himself in a way that you can create that depth of connection that is a solid friendship foundation because the more you sure who you are even things you're scared to share the more he shares who he is even things he's scared to share the more you get a chance to see him in his totality and to make a real decision in terms of do I want to continue spending time with this human being even that he's being honest with me and sharing all he is with me same thing came towards you step number 4 to recognize that there's an intimacy level taking place that far surpasses the intimacy that you have with other human beings including close friends why because the combination of friendship depth and chemistry and sexual tension is a very specific frequency if you will a frequency that is not necessarily shared with good friends so understand and recognize both of you that there's a deeper level of intimacy taking place that you enjoy that you like and you want to continue growing and expanding into the fifth step is the physical expression of that connection with boundaries so here's what I mean most human beings make the mistake of connecting physically first and then attempting to discover if they have compatibility they have shared values and by the time they recognize that they don't they're so into each other because their animal part is taken over and their hormones are high and the attachment that can take place between both of them is also high so to separate from someone who's not good for you when you've done the physical thing first at a high level is really really difficult so you take the physical expression to a later space and you express your boundaries why because maybe you start connecting more physically but you don't have sex until you feel that there's a solid relationship taking place until it there's an exclusivity factor in it maybe you start with something that is closer than what you had before but still not the deepest level of connection until there's an understanding of where both of you are going because when a guy understands that you can see him you can recognize him you can share yourself vulnerably he's hurt himself with you vulnerably he recognizes their intimacy he recognizes there's a pathway to the most level of physical expression but there are boundaries there's things he has to do to be able to enjoy of such greatness including the security of creating a container for this relationship but then if he has an inking he'll take the next step hope this is helpful useful and insightful to you if it is I'm gonna as you do one thing I want you to on the first line on the description of this video find a link that when you click on it enter your name and email will take you to a class that I created that's going to share with you in a lot more detail how you can attract the kind of man you want and step into this kind of relationship in a lot less time than it would on your own if you like this video 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