How to Stop Feeling Alone

       Hello this is burnin on today's episode I'm gonna be sharing with you how to stop feeling I share ambitious conscious heart centered successful women like you how to attract the kind of man and relationship you want as a direct result of stepping to the most alive and mostly have an inversion of you well if you find yourself like most human beings in the world alone in your house if you chose them for whatever reason or you do not only have this epic to direct intimate partnership with some where you find yourself it's view and four walls and he's starting to feel alone not just in terms of friendship but in terms of missing out on that depth that level of connection that level of devotion that but we need to missing sex the whole thing if you're missing on that and you're listening to my voice right now you say well I want stop feeling alone I'm gonna share with you six steps you can implement if you choose to starting today so you can reverse the situation and not have to wait until the world changes to create that feeling of connection and that's what you say step number one counterintuitive to what most people share with you is I want you to actually feel the feeling of aloneness here's what I mean by that a lot of human beings the moment I start feeling alone they self-medicate with some something that doesn't serve them a little bit of Netflix a little bit of chat that's meaningless maybe on days were the world wasn't the way it is right now a friend with benefits you make that call and all of a sudden you don't feel so lonely so anytime you do anything like that you're self-medicating in a way where you're not you're preventing that feeling of punch in the stomach to create the hunger and to create the level of massive action that's required to change your situation from being alone to being in an intimate relationship so the first step is to allow - that for that to heat you more deeply without self-medicating so that you can awaken to the reality that you want change that you want change now and then you will it do whatever it takes so long as you're within your ethics and your morals to create and attract a set relationship because one of the things that I can share with you after well working with so many women from all walks of life from all over the world who've been able to manifest to attract to create this relationship called meaningful lasting soul level partnership with someone they've all been hungry for it which is different from desperate desperate means you'd have to do it and your life is not complete without it how remains that you recognize it you're missing out not just on receiving but of giving what you have to offer to someone so if you allow that to heat you number one step number two is let that heat you but let it pass through you don't hold on to it if you choose to hang on to and hold on to it what's gonna happen is you're gonna go into a cycle of you're gonna go through a cycle of depression maybe or a cycle of feeling unworthy or a cycle of feeling like your life is not you're not grateful enough for what you have in life while it hits you let it go don't create extra intensity extra drama in your life by virtue of saying now I'm screwed because I can get what I want the feeling is important letting it go not holding on to it's important as well now third step is one of the most important changes you can make and if you get this one right I think that you start reversing this like today step number three is to recognize that by far when you are feeling most alone you're asking a question subconsciously that's allowing you to be and feel this way and the question is who do I not have in my life what am I missing what's lacking what am I not getting one version of that if you turn the tables around and you ask the question what can I give what am i failing to give what can I offer what can I share what problem can I solve how can I tap into my light to serve someone who seems far deeper problems than I am right now when you turn the tables from what do I not have to what can I give to the world as a benefit of my gift my light my gratitude then you immediately start feeling two things one your problems are not as big as you thought they were and you're doing in a constructive way not Netflix nomming but helping another human being and two you feel the value of contribution which instantly puts you in an upward spiral to start feeling more connection to those around you so you can do this with friends with relatives with maybe strangers in an online way right now since you can't go outside and meet them in person but once you do that step number four is I want you to take it on line with men if you are not connected to an online app that allows you to connect with men for Christ's sake let's do that today create a profile set it up and go in if you don't if you have one app but it's not working 

change it have one or two apps that you're using where you can allow yourself to open up to a world of more possibilities than you ever could even if the world were working properly to meet people offline but now that you can meet people of line well heck you can meet people online it's not a substitute but it's gonna be a much better start than if you hold four months for this situation to change now when you go online I need you to remember something I need you to remember the rule of 97 rule of 97 means that 97% of men that you meet on that website on that app will not be a freaking fit for you and that means that when you've gone through 50 men and you're thinking oh my god fifty men who are not the right fit for me this is not working then you remember the 97 rule I said well I have to go through 40 something more before I can tell myself that this not working why because if you know that 30% of the men out there will be a true fit for you then when you don't get it instantly when you go through 60 knows they're not not know for you or know for them you know that there's still room to go for more and still that 3% is significant a number where you can get what you want step number five once you are online once you are creating connections go deeper what does that mean qualify better ask better questions share something that's more personal about you with those men who are doing it right who are being honorable who are being curious who are being hungry who are following up with you don't just ask the same you ask people and what do you do and when is your favorite coffee you're like just go deeper you have the space and you have the time and you have the hunger right now allow yourself to us better questions to share more about your dreams to share more about the vision of life that you want to ask him about the vision of vibe that he wants so you can create something that's meaningful in concept first before you take it offline and the last one is get some time to reconnect to why the heck you're doing all of this what is your dream what do you really really really want what's the type of connection you want what's the type of intimacy that you're seeking what's the level of friendship that you want from the man you're with what's the type of family you want to create word would you like to travel where we'd like to build a home if you fail to remember the big picture reasons why you're doing this life it comes overwhelming the fear the uncertainty the discomfort of reaching out to a stranger is too much to bear if you're not doing for something day so if you've lost sight of what you want or if you've never stepped into creating it in the first place if your dreams are not big enough you will not pay the emotional price to get them because there's not enough leverage it's not enough hunger to create so hope this makes the difference in your life hope this makes sense to you right now and if you find this is helpful meaningful and insightful to you I'm going to invite you to take the seat of deeper on the first link in the description this video you can find just a link that you can click on enter your name and email and be taken to a free class where I'll share with you to be more step-by-step knowing it how you can attract this ideal relationship to your life right now scientist video helpful click like or thumbs up and remember to subscribe Delaney thank you so much I channel thank you so much for connecting with me as always they challenge you to leave a for very conscious life